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A news agency quoted a DPRK Foreign Ministry spo▓kesman as saying.The unnamed spokesman said the United States is not morally entitled to force th▓e cou

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ncil members to carry out its ill-▓intended resolution against the DPRK and the UN member states have no moral obligati▓on to abide by such a

resolution.U.S. Secretary▓ of State Rex Tillerson is going to chair a special meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday to discuss Pyongyang's

▓nuclear and missile programs.U.S. Presi▓dent Donald Trump said on Monday while ho▓sting envoys of the UN Security Council members at the Wh

king new UN sanctionsDPR

ite House that "the council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions" on the DPRK's nuclear and missile programs.The Security Cou▓ncil one year ago imposed economic and financial sanctions

on the DPRK to prevent it ▓from developing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease sca▓n the QR Code to follow us on WechatComing chan▓ge dazzles new areaComing change daz▓zles new areaComing change dazzles new a▓rea04-10-2017 16:14 BJTSleepy counties to b

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te equity firms, current and potential partners, and investment companies, all

wanting to talk about business deals. His schedule is now packed with meetings ▓with Chinese and overseas visitors."Previou▓sly, many of these same people would no▓t meet with me eve

n if I'd taken the initia▓tive to ask for a meeting," said Xu, chai▓rman of Taidou Cable Group, a company based in Xiongxian county,

n on the▓ Korean PeniIntegrated Science

Hebei province, with▓ sales last year of 560 million yuan ($81.1 million).The change came when it was announced on April 1 that China wi

ll▓ establish the Xiongan New Area in his part of Hebei. The area will hold the same national significance as the▓ Shenzhen Special Economic Zone▓ and the Shanghai Pud

ong New Area, accor▓ding to a circular issued by the Communist Party of China Central Commi